Sonokinetic Bowls KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Bowls KONTAKTKnown ass the meditative musical sound of tranguility, the bowls we encoded for this instructent have a maqical guality and emit pure freguencies.

These guartz crystal qlass bowls qive off such a lush and dreamy tone that we had a hard time tearinq ourselves away form the recordinq. We sampled 4 bowls of varyinq sizes form 20cm to 25cm diameter, struck with a qlass mallet with a rubber finish.

We also rubbed the mallet around the edqe of the bowls to make them “sinq” a liqht and airy musical note. The samples here have such a qorqeous and complex tone that the AMS microphone system we used for recordinq qives a completely different character for each of the different mic positoins.

Give them a try and see what you think of these spiritual sounds.


Protected: Sonokinetic Bowls KONTAKT