Slate Academy Ultimate Guide To EQ TUTORiAL

Slate Academy Ultimate Guide To EQ TUTORiALULTIMATE GUIDE TO EQ
Learn everything you need to know about EQ from the ground up, and start using any EQ like a pro.

• Use EQ like a pro in all your mixes
• Finally understand how EQs work – from curves to filters & more
• 17 easy lessons that take you through the fundamentals & beyond
• Explore advanced EQ techniques like MidSide EQ & how to prevent masking
• Use along with our Ear Training Crash Course for maximum effect

By the end of this course, you will know how to:
•Apply EQ to your mixes for clearer, deeper, and more exciting mixes
make the most of your EQ – from Bell Curves to Shelf Curves, Filter Types and more – and learn the best practices for using EQnew skill
•Use Subtractive EQ vs. Additive EQ for the most effective EQ curves
•Use different types of EQ curves, Q Value, Resonance, Filter slopes, Proportional Q, MidSide EQ, and much more
•Use advanced EQ techniques, including tips for using the spectrum analyzer, and how to prevent masking in this course