Production Music Live Full Creative Course

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Production Music Live Full Creative Course

  • Hey, my name is Max!
  • I’m the creator of the daily Instagram posts at PML, AbletonTips, FlStudiotips, ChordMagic, and more.Inspiring and reaching over 2 million producers every week, we get asked very detailed questions about our posts. That’s why we made this course focusing on creative production techniques.When I got on board with PML, I started doing one tip, or one track a day.

    Of course, with a fresh mind and good habits, it’s not that hard, but after a few weeks, I wasn’t inspired at all.

    Despite coming up with the ideas, some tracks took 8 hours, and some of them took even days to make.

  • In this course, I will show you…

In this course, I will show you:

    • techniques, tricks and habits that will help you to be productive every day, even when you’re not inspired.
    • use standard tools creatively and come up with unexpected and inspiring results.
    • work efficiently and smart, getting things done
  • In addition, I will show you how your favorite beats are made and where the ideas come from.




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