Audio Imperia Talos Volume One: Horns KONTAKT

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Audio Imperia Talos Volume One: Horns KONTAKT

Recorded on the same stage as our flagship libraries Jaeger and Cerberus, the TALOS series is the next addition to our ever-expanding range of orchestral sample libraries. All TALOS libraries are about big ensemble sizes that can go from soft and subtle to earth-shatteringly epic.

One of the main goals and challenges for the series was to create libraries that can go the full sonic range in a larger than life ensemble size but still retain all of their realism. We’ve ensured that the TALOS libraries not only blend perfectly with our other libraries (Jaeger, Cerberus, etc.) but truly sit well in a mix and enhance your writing experience.

For Volume One, we recorded a rich sounding 12 player horn ensemble. In addition to a wide range of standard articulations, we recorded real legato transitions, which in combination with our critically acclaimed legato script will allow you to play fantastically realistic melodic lines.

Legato articulations:
– Legato (3 DYN, 1 RR)

Long articulations:
– Sustained (3 DYN, 1 RR)

Short articulations:
– Marcato Long (3 DYN, 5 RR)
– Marcato Short (3 DYN, 5 RR)
– Staccato (3 DYN, 5 RR)
– Staccatissimo (3 DYN, 5 RR)
– Rip (1 DYN, 2 RR)
– Bend (1 DYN, 2 RR)
– Double Tongue (1 DYN, 2 RR)
– Triple Tongue (1 DYN, 2 RR)
– Quadruple Tongue (1 DYN, 2 RR)


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