Zardonic Masterclass & Sample Pack Full Bundle

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Zardonic Masterclass & Sample Pack Full Bundle

Zardonic Masterclass & Sample Pack

For the first time, Zardonic shares his mindset. his secrets and the workflow behind his art.
This journey shows his approach to sound-design as well as composition, mixing, and mastering.
This course shows in incredible depth not only the process behind the creation of a track but shines light on many aspects and issues which are often a threat across all genres.

Not an FL Studio user? No Problem!
Despite the fact that Zardonic uses FL Studio, the key concepts talks about in his course are easily applicable to every DAW (from Ableton to Cubase up to Renoise) as they are universal.


  1. 28 Video chapters covering all subjects from Sound-Design to arrangement up to Mastering.
  2. Separated stems of the track created during this course in WAV format.
  3. Samplepack including more than 100 HQ Audio sounds, Drum loops, Oneshots, Basses, Guitar Loops and more!

Software Required Samples work with every DAW

Zardonic Masterclass

Invest in knowledge
Knowledge is the kind of asset that will always be relevant, no matter which DAW are you on or which music style you produce. This course is packed with material to raise your awareness and unlock your potential by helping you to direct all your energies in the right places

Sound-design, Mastering and Everything in between:
While tutorials tend to be a one-trick-pony, this Masterclass brings you all the way from zero to hero! You will not only understand What to do, but also When, How and Why.

The way you organize the main elements in your track matters, a lot. Not only this Masterclass will explain you how to create, mix and master your sounds, but will also give you the knowledge to create build-ups and drops which are 100% dancefloor-proof


Protected: Zardonic Masterclass & Sample Pack Full Bundle

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