Wave Alchemy SYS-100 Drums Multi-Format

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Wave Alchemy SYS-100 Drums

Wave Alchemy SYS-100 Drums free download

From the creators of our award-winning Synth Drums collection comes a ground-breaking new drum library…

SYS-100 Drums delivers 1,584 beautifully designed, never heard before analogue drum samples; each intuitively crafted and layered from the ground up using an iconic, all time classic semi-modular synth that marked the very start of Japan’s Vintage Synth Era.

Forward-thinking sound design
Our goal with SYS-100 Drums was to design and create a completely new, original collection of drum sounds that spark creativity, and in true Wave Alchemy style – punch hard and sound full of character…

How did we achieve this? Each drum sound in the collection has been built from scratch by compositing up to 14 unique, individually synthesized layers. Each created in series, one at a time, beautifully designed to mesh perfectly into specific frequency bands within every drum sound.

The results? Unique sounds that wouldn’t be possible without these new techniques, including full-spectrum constant-fundamental kicks, luscious cymbals and dynamic snares. SYS-100 Drums delivers an incredibly thick, rich sound with a wide frequency spectrum and true stereo image.

A love for character
For extra character and tonal variation, each individual sound has been processed individually on a sound-by-sound basis using an impressive collection of high-end outboard gear and processing chains.

We’ve designed this library to be as flexible as possible: as well as the extensive processed section, the unprocessed source samples are also included as they were originally recorded and composited – free from additional processing, giving you a more malleable sound. A third section includes all samples bounced through ¼ inch analogue tape, and a fourth section includes all samples recorded to 12-inch Vinyl, recorded via a classic Neumann VMS 70 vinyl mastering lathe.

Additionally, all drum sounds are presented in groups dividable by 12, to ensure ease of use with keyboard controllers. Drum sections fit neatly across exact octaves, making it simple to use kits or create your own. Samples are organised in a simple and logical folder structure – each named descriptively and edited by hand.