WA Production Making Money By Being a Producer

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WA Production Making Money By Being a Producer

WA Production Making Money By Being a Producer

In this super educational Audio Course, Redhead Roman goes over how you can make money doing what you love, music production. With 10+ of producing experience, Roman has a vast knowledge of what it takes to make it, and exactly how to get there. Listen closely and take notes, because this information will be some you will want to keep handy.

Making Money Intro

Redhead Roman goes over his experience in music production and briefly explains the meaning of this Audio Course.

Be Self-Critical

Redhead Roman discusses being self-critical and making sure you aren’t just uploading any old track you make. He goes over points like understanding if your track isn’t good by comparing quality, and learning what it is you did wrong to better your production.


Redhead Roman goes over important topics such as making yourself separate from the famous producers and not to aim to be like them, also finding your sound.

Royalty Free Music

Redhead Roman goes over how to make decent money making Royalty Free Music. He touches on points like selling music to Gaming Companies, App Developers, TV shows, Commercials and more!

Sample Packs

Redhead Roman goes over the concept of making money as a producer who creates sample packs and touches on concepts like learning to be a Sound Designer and learning to create things like Construction Kits.

Which Way

Redhead Roman sums up the course with helping you decide which direction to choose in the game of making money as a producer and goes over how and why he chose the direction he did.


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