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Soundiron says Hyperion Strings Elements leaps forward from their Micro edition with a whole new suite of articulation types, mapping and control options and true legato. Soundiron’s modular UI makes it easy to jump in and start scoring, but the control options and feature depth make this a precision scoring tool designed to save you time and help bring your musical visions to life. It’s made for the free Kontakt 6 Player & NKS by Native Instruments, so anyone can use it.

The 8 Violins, 6 Violas, 5 Cellos and 4 Basses each come equipped with sustains with glissando and fingered polyphonic true legato styles, with automatic speed-sensing that fluidly adapts to how you play. The sustains let you smoothly blend between piano, mezzo-forte and forte (+ mezzo-piano for violins) and between classic vibrato and clean non-vibrato styles. Short notes include 8th staccatos, short staccatos, spiccatos, pizzicatos – each with multiple dynamics, loose and tight stroke variants and 4x round-robin. They also include Bartok pizzicatos and col legno bow taps with 4x rr and loose/tight variants for a little extra percussive fun. Making it easy to sculpt your dynamics with seamless CC, key-switch and velocity control, or you can focus on sculpting with individual dynamic layers for finer detail work. It also includes a wide selection of Expressions. These dramatic crescendos, decrescendos, sforzandos and swells come in a range of styles, dynamics and lengths that can be time-stretched and synced to your host tempo, with natural auto-release.

The library includes the full ensemble master preset and the four section master and section true legato presets. The master preset brings the expanded core articulations together as a potent stand-alone system. If you need more control and a larger articulation list for each section, the section masters give you more content and total control. The Space panel lets you position your sections and place them in over 100 real-world and fantasy environments. The Ensemble panel lets you mix, balance and adjust ranges. The Effects let you shape tone and character. Play Assist lets you choose from dozens of scales, edit them and assign them to key-switch activators. The arpeggio system is a 32-step sequencer that can cycle single notes or chords with tons of useful and intuitive control features.

Hyperion Strings Elements has been built over a period of 4 years with an almost ludicrously meticulous and uncompromising devotion to quality and purpose. Soundiron set out to strike the ideal balance between creative flexibility, advanced utility, acoustic purity and natural realism. It’s nearly 10 GB with over 20,000 NCW compressed stereo samples.


Hyperion Strings Elements includes a combined full ensemble preset, as well as individual section master and true legato presets for our chamber string orchestra, with 8 Violins, 6 Violas, 5 Cellos and 4 Double Basses. For this Elements Edition, each section is fully equiped with fingered and gliss true legato for vibrato and non-vibrato sustains, tremolo, a full spectrum of short note speeds/styles, and an extended catalog of modular dynamic expressions like crescendos, decrescendos, sforzandos and swells.

The True Legato presets weave together multi-dynamic lush vibrato and clean non-vibrato, recorded naturally in piano, mezzo-forte and forte dynamics. You can switch instantly between agile fingered and smooth glissando legato transition styles for vibrato and non-vibrato sustains, with speed control that adapts to the way you play when you want it to, yet gives you total hands-on control when you need it. You can use it to craft startlingly realistic and seamless performances, whether you’re playing quick slurred runs or long, silky-smooth melodies.

The Short articulations make it easy to humanize your arrangements and find the perfect bow stroke or emotive expression for any musical moment. You can switch instantly between long & dotted 8th-note staccatos, 16th & 32nd-note short staccatos, 32nd & 64th-note spiccatos, as well as loose & tight pizzicatos, Bartok pitz snaps and Col Legno taps. They include 4 round-robins per note, with optional velocity/swell control and automatic time-based switching for refined realism and control.

The modular dynamic Expressions allow real-time dynamically-aware release sample triggering, tempo-synching and time-stretching. When combined with the Offset and Attack controls, you can carve out just about any dynamic shape you could ever need.

The library includes a broad selection of flexible articulations, each with their own range of customizable real-time performance options, key-switch and mapping options and performance tools. It is fully equiped for the professional composer with time-saving performance tools, adaptive controls, sound-shaping and positiong features and an incredibly rich and robust sound.


  • Vibrato: p, mf and f with fingered and gliss true-legato
  • Non-vibrato: p, mf and f with fingered and gliss true-legato
  • Tremolo: p, mf and f

Short Notes:

  • Long 8th Note Staccatos: p, mf and f
  • Short 8th Note Staccatos: p, mf and f
  • 16th-Note Staccatos: p, mf and f
  • 32nd-Note Staccatos: p, mf and f
  • 32nd-Note Spiccatos: p, mf and f
  • 64th-Note Spiccatos: p, mf and f
  • Loose Pizzicatos: p and f
  • Tight Pizzicatos: p and f
  • Loose Bartok Pizz string snaps: ff
  • Tight Bartok Pizz string snaps: ff
  • Loose Col Legno bow taps: pp
  • Tight Col Legno bow taps: pp

  • 8-count Crescendo p < mf, mp < F and p < F with and without vibrato
  • 4-count Crescendo p < mf, mp < F and p < F
  • 2-count Crescendo p < F
  • 1-count Crescendo p < F
  • 8-count Decrescendo F > mp, mf > p, F > p with and without vibrato
  • 4-count Decrescendo F > mp, mf > p, F > p
  • 2-count Decrescendo F > p
  • 1-count Decrescendo F > p
  • 4-count Sforzando F > p < F
  • 4-count Sforzando mp > p < mp Low
  • 4-count Swell p < F > p
  • 4-count Swell p < mp > p Low
  • Tremolo 4-count Crescendo p < F
  • Tremolo 4-count Decrescendo F > p




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