PUREMIX Andrew Scheps Drum Replacement TUTORiAL

PUREMIX Andrew Scheps Drum Replacement TUTORiALThe Kick drum is an important part of the mix that is often hard to record, hard to play consistently, and hard to tune. This is where replacement with samples can come in handy

In this puremix.net exclusive, Andrew Scheps shows you a few ways he uses drum replacement to enhance kick drums in his mixes.

Watch as Andrew:

Blends the sample with the original recording
Sets up replacement programs such as Drumagog, Apptrigga3, Battery and Massey DRT
Converts audio to MIDI and triggers samples via Battery
Edits the velocity of the MIDI using Real Time Properties
Explains the pitfalls of leaving trigger plugins running live inside of your session and shares his bulletproof method for archiving samples with your sessions.