Linkedin Learning Cubase Pro 10 Essential Training Advanced

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Linkedin Learning Cubase Pro 10 Essential Training Advanced

Learn the advanced features and workflows in Cubase Pro 10 for recording, performing, mixing, and producing music of all kinds. In this course, instructor Mark Struthers reviews next-level techniques such as leveraging advanced MIDI editing and recording options, creating VSTi tracks, applying insert and send effects, and metering and monitoring your tracks. Each lesson is based around a single course project: the rebuild of an original audio-book mix Mark made in Cubase 5.1, way back in 2001. The rebuild corrects the sibilance of the narration with de-essing, enhances the clarity of the instruments, incorporates new audio effects, and includes more realistic instrument samples. The final project is a test of your new skills and a testament to the enhanced power of Cubase 10.

This course was created by Mark Struthers. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

Topics include:
MIDI editing options
Creating a VSTi track
Using MIDI modifiers and effects
Adapting MIDI record modes
Audio comping
Applying group, insert, and send effects
Using fades
Managing plugins
Restoring audio
Exporting Cubase projects
Backing up your Cubase projects


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