GetGood Drums Invasion v1.1 KONTAKT

GetGood Drums Invasion v1.1 KONTAKT

Invasion is our most extreme drum library in every sense of the word. More drums, more cymbals, and even more features!

All of those drums, cymbals and features with the same attention to detail:

Invasion is a Player Library (with full NKS integration) and can be used with Kontakt’s Free Player – no need to buy the full version of Kontakt to use GGD!
A fully-featured and intuitive UI for creating your drum tones
Built-in Groove player
Built-in processing and reverb
Envelope and pitch control for each mixer channel
Our largest drum setup yet!
Seven snares, four kicks, twelve toms and thirty cymbals from a range of drum manufacturers
The entire kit is tuned to perfection, so you’ll never be fighting against sour notes in your mix
Every sample is phase-coherent for easy layering

Whether you’re sketching out a song idea or working on a final mix, Invasion gives you all the tools you need to bring your ideas to life.

Some specific points about the update:
Invasion defaults to medium CPU performance. This should be usable for most systems.
Low CPU bypasses Turbo, and filters. This can be useful for recording low latency on older machines. When it comes time to mix you can simply switch back to medium or high.
Pitch has a link function now.
ADSR has been replaced AHD which should be simpler and more intuitive to use.
E-Kit Hi-hat fix.
Some other minor bugs and edge case issues fixed.

Follow the instructions exactly:

1. Make backup of current Invasion folder.
2. Download file from above.
3. Extract files
4. Replace the following files in your current Invasion folder using the files from the 1.1 folder
a) The Invasion.nki into Instrument folder
b) The Invasion.nkc and .nkr into Sample folder
c) Replace Snapshot folder entirely
5. Restart your computer
6. Open standalone version of Kontakt 6/ Kontakt Player
7. Load Invasion



GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part01.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part02.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part03.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part04.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part05.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part06.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part07.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part08.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part09.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part10.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part11.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part12.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part13.rar – 1024.0 MB
GetGood.Drums.Invasion.v1.0.0.KONTAKT.part14.rar – 132.0 MB