Bigwerks Blue Rose II Kontakt

Bigwerks Blue Rose II Kontakt

Blue Rose II Kontakt Library !

Blue Rose II is a collection of chilled, smooth sounds. Categories include beautiful guitars, smooth leads, complex pads, relaxing vocals & much more!

Blue Rose II…


Just as the 1st version Blue Rose II will continue on with amazing sounds perfect for R&b and other genres as well. Instruments such as guitars & strings will be a focal point as we utilize new musicians & recording equipment. Also the use of synthesizers such as the Moog Mother 32 will be used to create dope synth presets as well!

Blue Rose II Kontakt Library Run Down…

Arps, bass, bells, loops, flutes.
Guitars, keys, leads, loops.
Pads, plucks, strings & vox.

FX include:

Amp envelope, filter envelope, filter, custom reverb, glide.
Arpeggiator, delay, eq & phaser, flanger.



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