Big EDM Brazilian Bass Slam WAV MIDI FXP SPF

Big EDM Brazilian Bass Slam WAV MIDI FXP SPF

‘Brazilian Bass Slam’ by Big EDM delivers bass full of personality that will keep your audience intrigued and continuously dancing. While Brazilian Bass is a very under-rated genre, heads are turning and bodies are moving to this mix of Techno, Bass House, and minimalistic elements.

The point of focus is to maintain a high energy bassline that is strong and powerful, yet not exhaustive. With that in mind, this pack provides short thumpy stabs and smooth flowing bass sounds to hit ’em hard with a powerful beat.

This pack isn’t just beats, every aspect of a track has been broken down and provided. This means fills, transitions and percussive sounds that will accentuate one of the included drum loops or the beat that you give life to. And don’t worry about your drop. You’ll be impressed with the options available that will build tension in your tracks.

If you want to be a master at this exquisite, groove saturated, bass-driven sound that is Brazilian Bass, then you can’t produce with sounds that fall flat. Use what the pros use and pick up ‘Brazilian Bass Slam’ from Big EDM.

For fans of artists such as Alok, Illusionize, Vinne, Liu, Cat Dealers, Sevenn.

116 Synth Loops WAV/MIDI
• 19 Vocal Loops
• 27 Long & Short Fills
• 92 Drum One-Shots that include Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Claps, Cymbals
• 38 FX Elements Include Downlifters, Impacts, Risers, Uplifters
• 30 Synth Shots
• 10 Vocal Shots
• 33 Drum Loops
• 29 Sylenth Presets
• 3 Spire Presets
• 14 Serum Presets